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Competition News

100mtr Slug Competition Written: 6/3/2017
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Well the 2017 SRPC internal competitions have started with a bang.

Five people going bang with slug, Only five we can do better that this. Maybe it was the rain that put them off.

So out of a possible 240 points with distances shot at 25, 50, and 100 Mtrs the scores are.

1st - Scott Williams 198
2nd - Pat Allan 142
3rd - Tony Wade 125
4th - Mark Lydon 110
5th - Stu Faulkner 30

Well done to Scott with his first ever trophy.

Happy birthday to Pat, Good going to Tony, Good to see Mark becoming one of the regulars and I'm of to write me autobiography called 'rubbish shooting and how to be good at it'.

Until next time - Stu

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