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Competition News

Chickens @40 MTR Silhouette competition Written: 19/3/2017
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Today was the start of the 2017 Silhouette competition and with thirteen shooters taking part it was well attended.
We have changed the scoring this year so that you score what you shoot and not the position that you came in, will it be better? Only time will tell but it looks promising.
So out of a maximum of 100 and the order decided on time if it's a draw the scores are as follows.
1st - Phil Woods 100
2nd - Julie Priestley 70
3rd - Tim Wood 60
4th - Dom Henry 60
5th - Chris Priestley 60
6th - Mark Liversage 60
7th - Dave Wright 50
8th - Craig Shuttleworth-Neat 40
9th - Stu Faulkner 40
10th - Dale Elliott 40
11th - Chris Robson 30
12th - Jeremy Scott 20
13th - Carl Atkinson 00
So with three rounds to go there is still plenty to play for.
The money round was -
1st - Phil woods
2nd - Mark Liversage
3rd - Chris Priestley

Thanks to all who helped put away, don't forget the Silhouettes start at 9:30 so don't be late.

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