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Competition News

Pistol Calibre Rifle Practical Competition. Written: 16/4/2017
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Well the weather stayed good and since only eight people turned up I think they thought it was going to rain well shame on you because today was a good one.

Simple stages with skittles, targets, no-shoots, 2 targets with one shot and the new target, the '9'. It was the '9' that sorted people out as only three shooters didn't get penalties from it.

The results are -
1st - Phil Woods 100%
2nd - Brian Mckie 75.91%
3rd - Pete Brown 69.47%
4th - Stu Faulkner 66.50%
5th - Mark Liversage 65.59%
6th - Steve Evans 64.98%
7th - Tim Wood 56.95%
8th - Pat Allen 41.95%

Well done to Phil who thrashed everyone on every stage, anyone would think he has done this before.

If you drop an email to and I will send you the breakdown of the results.

Thanks to all who packed away and took part.

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