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Competition News

Pistol Calibre rifle 1500 Competition Written: 23/4/2017
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Five shooters turned up today to shoot the comp, only three had guns so thanks to Phil we managed to get everybody through.

The Competition is run as the 1500, match 5 so that's 60 rounds at various distances up to 50 Meters and sitting, kneeling ,left and right shoulder against the clock.

The scores are as follows out of 600 -
1st - Phil Woods 593
2nd - Stu Faulkner 559
3rd - Mark Liversage 548
4th - Pat Allen 522
5th - Mike Rowland 373

Thanks again to Phil for the gun hire and it's good to see Mike as a regular in the comps. The 1500 is a tricky comp to do so if you fancy a go, give me a shout.


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