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Competition News

Mini Rifle Written: 18/6/2017
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With 15 shooters and great weather in the morning what more could you ask for. The '9' came out again and was as difficult as ever to shoot a clean round. The competition became more about keeping a clean score sheet as No-shoots were being shot and targets that should be weren't.
The final results are-

1st Mark Liversage
2nd Brian Mckie
3rd Barry Smith
4th Pete Brown
5th Pat Allen
6th Jacob Priestley
7th Steve Evans
8th Stu Faulkner
9th Dom Henry
10th David Frier
11th Jason Wooly
12th Jeremy Scott
13th Neil Smith
14th James Mulagton
15th Carl Atkinson.

So well done to Mark for finally winning something this year. As always, very much appreciated all those who turned up early and stayed behind to set up and pack away and thanks to Brian for helping run the competition.

See you at the next one. Stu

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