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Competition News

Two Gun Match Written: 28/10/2017
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The Two Gun was well attended with ten shooters and a lot of ammo shooting Slug, Buck Bird shot and rifle, quite a busy morning. Thanks Tony for setting this one up.

The results are - (out of 360)
1st Phil Woods - 345
2nd Mark Liversage - 344
3rd Pete Brown - 327
4th Stu Faulkner - 322
4th Ashley Whitaker - 279
6th Tony Wade - 263
7th James Mulaghton - 246
8th Neil Smith 228 - 228
9th Brian Mckie - 218
10th David Fryer - 180

Well that's it for the year and what a great year it has been for the SRPC competitions.

Thanks to all who help out run and set up the competitions and if you are thinking of having a go next year don't just think, do. You might like it.

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